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View Of Modern Clean Restaurant Kitchen Interior



    Rebecca Lai
    Rebecca Lai
    I just wanted to give my hood cleaning company some love. I had them come out this summer and clean my kitchen hood for my restaurant in Independence, which is something that seems like an easy task but is actually quite tedious. I've tried it before with sub-par results so I was relieved when they came out and did a great job! The price was reasonable too--I'll be using them again next year!
    Daniel Chipman
    Daniel Chipman
    The rooftop grease trap outside my kitchen was getting really bad with grease, which prompted us to get it cleaned by these guys. They quickly came over on time as agreed upon and in just about 2 hours after they got there everything look nice fresh and clean! I also loved the fact that they made sure that all the cooking smells were cleared away from up there because sometimes even if you clean the rooftop vent hood thoroughly, chances are slim for improvements if you leave behind cooking odors. I recommend you guys to everyone out there who needs rooftop vent hood cleaning service done right.
    Sara Osteen
    Sara Osteen
    Kansas City Hood Cleaning is a company specializing in restaurant hood cleaning. They offer the highest quality of service at an very reasonable price. I had them clean my kitchen vent, and they did a fantastic job! It took them less than 30 minutes to complete the task, and their pricing was extremely competitive. I would recommend Kansas City Hood Cleaning for any business owner looking for a professional company that offers high-quality work at great prices!
    Joseph Greene
    Joseph Greene
    Punctual arrival each of the last years worth of visits. Love seeing the actual metal of our hoods when they go. Very proficient in what they do.


    Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of a restaurant, you will need to have your hood serviced regularly in order to prevent buildup. Kansas City Hood Cleaning in Kansas City, MO can handle this for you. We offer both commercial and residential hood cleaning services. We are actually the preferred commercial hood cleaning service in Kansas City. We have experience cleaning kitchen hoods in medical facilities and restaurants. We perform our duties when it is most convenient for our customers. When our certified technicians clean your hood they will use pressure washing equipment and other high-powered equipment that enables them to offer our customers the most efficient job possible. We also document the progress that we have made to ensure that the work being performed as scheduled without skipping any important steps along the way. We always offer our Kansas City customers the most thorough job possible.

    About Us

    Our technicians have been helping commercial businesses protect their interest for over 25 years by providing them with efficient hood cleaning services in addition to many other practical kitchen cleaning services. Our goal is to always provide every customer we serve with a thorough job to help in maintaining safety and functionality within their kitchen environment. We also offer effective solutions for large facilities, such as commercial office parks and buildings. We continue to find effective ways to provide our customers with the most efficient and safest ways help protect their businesses. We remain committed to our efforts and are willing to go the above and beyond to continuing in our efforts.

    Our Services

    We eagerly offer you the services that will allow you to continue to operate your commercial business in a safe environment without ever being interrupted. We are able to care for any of your hood or exhaust service needs, which might include grease overflow, removing grease build-up, disposal of cooking oil, or relieving you of a clogged drain. Our technicians will also inspect your fire suppression system to ensure that it is working properly. After you have received our services and learn that you are in compliance with regulations, you’re sure to have peace-of-mind.

    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Whether you are a homeowner or business, you should have your kitchen exhaust cleaned routinely. At Kansas City Hood Cleaning in Kansas City, MO, we service commercial and residential hoods. If you are not having it cleaned regularly it will inevitably affect your business and can be dangerous. Don’t take unnecessary chances. Call us to service your hood today.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Your kitchen should be properly cleaned, this involves also cleaning your exhaust system. Our technicians can handle the cleaning of your cook top or rooftop to ensure that it is properly cleaned and operating efficiently. Regular exhaust cleaning is important to the protection of your home and business. You may be able to perform some of the cleaning yourself but for a thorough cleaning, you can always count on our qualified technicians.

    Extraction Hood Supply Air Return - Kitchen Ventilation Systems
    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Fire Prevention

    Kitchen Fire Prevention

    The best way to ensure that you can avoid a fire in your kitchen is to make sure your hood and exhaust system are kept free of buildup. No one does this better than our highly trained technicians in Kansas City. They can help you determine what type of fire risks you face and personalize a solution. Protect yourself by being prepared for the worst-case scenario, which would be a fire in your kitchen

    Restaurant Cleaning Services

    If you are a restaurant owner then you’ll likely require that your equipment is routinely and effectively cleaned. Our technicians have the qualifications needed to keep your commercial appliances and equipment clean and in compliance. Keeping them clean will also mean that you are working in a clean, safe environment. With the help of our technicians, your kitchen will always pass inspections.

    Interior Of Restaurant Commercial Kitchen With Stainless Steel
    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

    Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

    Keeping your restaurant vent hood cleaned means that you are able to keep fumes and harmful smoke from backing up in the kitchen and spewing over into the dining room. If you are not having your hood regularly cleaned it can become backed up and could ultimately cause a fire. Avoid this possibility by relying on Kansas City Hood Cleaning to routinely clean your restaurant vent hood.

    Rooftop Grease Containment

    Our expert technicians will find a way to help protect you against a fire from your hood system. You should be concerned about rooftop grease containment because grease can cause a roof to deteriorate and this can be a very expensive repair job. Let us find and install the perfect grease containment equipment for your business. Our qualified technicians have installed various types of grease containment equipment to suit the needs of each type of business that they have serviced. While we service your grease traps and we are on top of the roof, we can look at your gutters and potentially even offer you a quote on gutter cleaning now that one of our lead guys is from gutter cleaning Jacksonville. Call us today to get that quote!

    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment

    Contact Us For More Information

    Take the necessary precautions to avoid a fire or any other type of hazard by having your hood, exhaust and vent serviced routinely by a professionally trained technician. There are certainly some things that you can handle yourself but to ensure that the job is performed efficiently and thoroughly, leave the work in the hands of qualified professionals. We’ll work with you to provide you with exactly what is needed in order for you to remain safe and to protect your investment.

    Areas We Service

    We serve all of the Kansas City metro area. Common areas people call us from for hood cleaning are: Independence, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Olathe, Blue Springs, Lawrence, Harrisonville, Ottawa, St Joseph, Topeka, Excelsior Springs, Blue Springs, Rayton, Lenexa, Leavenworth, Liberty, and Leawood.

    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment 2

    “I must admit that we didn’t know how important cleaning the vents of were until we received service from Kansas City Hood Cleaning. They really knew their stuff and helped us better understand the importance of having it cleaned regularly. Thanks to this company, we have been able to pass every inspection.” – Thomas S.

    Kansas City Hood Cleaning - Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

    "We simply wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for Kansas City Hood Cleaning. With their help our business runs smoothly because we have absolutely no issues in the kitchen. I highly recommend their hood cleaning service.” – Mark L.


    “I was always concerned about my mother’s hood but now that Kansas City Hood Cleaning is cleaning it twice a year, I’m relieved! They do a fantastic job!” – Karen M.